nedeľa 27. februára 2011

Article for the Door County Magazine:)

The Rotary Club of Sturgeon Bay is currently hosting two inbound students, Katarína Froľová (Katy) from Slovakia and Audrey Bernini from Brazil.

Katy sums up her thoughts about being an exchange student by saying, “It is one of the best things that has ever happened to me…I am getting experiences that anybody can only dream about. I am so lucky to be here, to spend one year with the nicest people in the world.” She sees positive changes in herself, commenting “I am more confident than I was, I believe in myself more than I did and I believe in other people.”

Audrey also recognizes that she has matured from the experience, explaining, “In Brazil my parents could take care of me and here I need to take care of myself… I learned how to control my money, how to really take care of everything without someone doing things for me, I think that I’m totally different now after six months.”

Both Katy and Audrey encourage other students toparticipate by emphatically stating, “Just do it!Katysuggests, “It is your turn to do the best you can… your exchange year is as good as you can make it. Don't be afraid, you cannot lose.” Audrey comments, “I would encourage everyone to do it. It will be the best year of your life!” She adds, “It all depends of you, the country doesn’t matter at all, what matters is how you enjoy it.”

Speaking of her host families, Katy says, “These families are my basic point from which I have grown. They have given me so much! They gave me themselves.” Her heartfeltinsight for families considering the opportunity: “It is the bestthing you can do. You can give somebody a home and the person will be grateful for the rest of their life. You can influence somebody's life as you never thought you would.

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